Preview: Essence Ice Ice Baby

Do you remember that song "Ice ice baby" from the 1990? It's exactly what I thought when I read the new collection name. So funny, haha. 

The trend edition will be available from January to February 2014. 

What will it include?

  • 3 eyeshadows (one looks duochrome) 
  • 3 eye pencils (metal pencils, horaay!)
  • 2 lip butters (perfect for Winter days!)
  • Shimmer powder
  • 4 different nail polishes (I really like the turqoise one and the nude!)
  • Handbalm (with shea butter and cocos oil - I need to try this since my hands get really dry during Winter)
  • Cable clip (what a cute and practical idea!)

I am really looking forward to the hand cream and the turqoise nail polish. What about you?
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