Instaweek: December 15th

I didn't post last week's instagram because there were only about 3 pictures, and I thought that I'll snap some more in the following days.. 
And yes, I did snap lots of pictures just for this occasion ;).

Okay lets go from upper left to right and down!
  1. My new coffee routine. Some whipped cream, sugar, vanilla extract, coffee and milk. Yum! 
  2. Made a dip with tuna and it came out nicely. Very very good, especially since I did it for the very first time.
  3. Went gift shopping and stopped for lunch. All by myself and it was delicious!
  4. Tea. I wanted tea with honey and lemon but got just tea. Meh!
  5. My new manicure that I am still wearing today. I'll edit the pictures of it later and schedule them for next week. Essence Applause Applause combo.
  6. Toasts galore. I made lots of them and ate all of them :P.
  7. My currently favorite cookies. Quite ok priced and amazingly good for us, chocoholics.
  8. Out Christmas tree. It is so colorful and festive. Plastic tree of course.
  9. Christmas tree in the dark - the first day we put it up.
  10. A walk in the park. Kid was definitely enjoying the day and his new discoveries (drumming with sticks on a wooden playground? Check!)
  11. Manicure manicure..  I loved it! Also from Essence, just from the superheroes TE. Lovely lovely color -oil slick effect.
  12. Re-discovered my love for coffee. With added whipped cream and coconut flakes. Divine!
  13. Gingerbread cookies I baked. Added some nuts and peanuts on for 'the looks'. 
  14. Baking working station. Kid helped with the mess.
  15. Cookies in the making. Added a layer of milk on top, but it didn't do a thing.
  16. Kid looking in a dark room "should I stay or should I go?".
  17. Favorite chocolate, tho it's a bit on the expensive side...
  18. Day in the park! We took our tricycle with us, finally he's using it!
  19. Manicure manicure.. can't believe I found the time to do 3 manicures in . .3 weeks?! Bachelorette Bash by Essie.
  20. Pancake with burned heart on. I mean it looked nice ;).
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