Review: Essence Beauty Beats double eyeliner


As you may know, Essence came out with another Trend Edition, this time outside the regular ones (that are already on the shelves) - in honor of the Bieber Tour. I hope I got this right, I am not really into his music.

I went by the little shelf and thought the blush was lovely, but I actually needed just a new eyeliner. They had a double one, and why not? I got it and tested it the following days.

It looks really nice, no? I though so, too.


It is lovely, it is simple, it does it job. It is also sturdy and travel friendly.

The application:

It is really simple and easy, not any different than the other felt tip eyeliners out there. The thicker line is harder to use, because it is also quite hard, but it has a better color payoff. 
The thin tip makes a wonderfully thin line, but has a worse color payoff, but it is so much easier to use than the thick side!

results of use

Lasting power:

Okay, this one is a really tricky one. It stays on as long as it stays dry. In the moment it touches any kind of liquid.. bye bye, gone!
So maybe it is not a great product for all those crying teenagers that will go on the Bieber concert? 

+ Cheap
+ has two sides to use
+ Makes lovely lines
+ Good product quality
+ Good color payoff
+ Easy to remove

- Lasts OK if there is no water involved. Otherwise it doesn't last.. at all.

I was really hoping this would be as amazing as the "stay on" liquid liner is. Sadly, it is not. Doesn't last on me, hates the water, tears and other stuff. So I will use it up, but I won't use it for when I know I will cry, or even for long liners.. because my right eye tears a bit by default. 
So would I recommend it? Not really, no.

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.

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