Subtle ombre hair

Hello lovelies,
I wanted to go blonde a couple of weeks ago, two weeks if I am not mistaken. 
I got so bored of my 'natural blonde' (aka light brown) hair, that I wanted to go blonde again. I loved being blonde, and I remembered my hair liking it too (as in being healthy despite all the chemicals put monthly on it).

So.. I got to the store and got myself a bottle of dye. But instead of the regular ol' blonde I opted for the ombre version. If you want that just get a bottle of regular dye and a plastic brush. Same stuff, really.

It cost quite more than the other dyes (okay maybe 2€ more, but I am freaking cheap), and it contained way less than a regular bottle (40ml?) of dye.
BUT it did contain a lovely plastic brush (my hair loves plastic brushes, right Tangle teezer?). I still have the brush and it works like a charm.

pic found using Google.

Anyway, the application is really simple, you brush your hair, separate it in two sections and begin. You start at your tips and work to your chin. After that you work it a bit futher up and wait 25-45 minutes.

I waited for only 30 minutes because I didn't want it to fry my hair. It came out, well, lovely. Really natural looking. Maybe not even worth the hassle. 

The result is here - I am sorry for the crappy pictures (I mean, you can hardly see anything..), but for now this is all I have. 

The reason why you should NEVER take pictures with your camera close to you!

Okay, okay, here it is.. ombre hair!

So how do I like the result? 
Well, I hardly notice it anymore. Actually I don't. I forgot I had ombre hair until I found the pictures and then I went like "oh right.. I dyed my hair". :P 

I guess I can say it is OK, but my hair ends are a bit dry now. It got better after a couple of hair washes. 
And before I forget - the kit doesn't come with a conditioner, but instead it comes with shampoo. Amazingly smelling shampoo, but nevertheless still shampoo.

Maybe next time I should get a real dye.. 


  1. Luštno izgleda :) Jaz sem si že dvakrat s tem ombre delala, pa sem pustila dlje kot naj bi in ni bilo problemov... Je pa res da ti kar izsuši konice, jaz potem redno olje dajem gor da jih malo popravi :P

  2. Here in Spain when this kit came out it was sold out or worse... some people opened the boxes and stole the brush, which apparently is the product that really does the trick (otherwise, it's just another hair dye).
    Stolen brushes. No comment. How can people be sooo mean??
    It looks nice on you. I'm trying to put off dying until I have no other choice (i.e. too many graying hairs).

  3. hello!.. from philippines!..
    nice color!i want that also, last week u just colored my hair by korean etude coloring hair, it only highlight my hair,next i will do in my hair is Ombre!..


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