Red lips (Essence Floral glam + a tad of a darker gloss)

Hi lovelies!

I love, love, love red lips! But the thing with red lips is.. you actually need to find a color that suits you. Which can be quite a bit tricky.

I think I have found something similar, maybe not quite yet. :D Anyway..  It is a suede lipgloss by Essence that is very pigmented (I got myself a similar lip pencil, so it will look top notch!), applies like a dream and well it was also cheap! Or I got it as a gift from my sister?! IDK.. ehrm...

Here it is!

the lipgloss alone

gloss mixed with a bit of a darker one
creepy smile face :D

Okay, so .. next time I shall take better pictures or make less creepy faces, or anything, haha. :D 
But what to say? Red lips are the best!

Except around old guys, really ...  One whistled at me, another one looked at me like I am a whore..  eh!

Do you like red lips?


  1. Rdeča ti res zelo paše. :)

  2. Oh, jaz pa rdeča se pa res ne marava... Vsakič ko poskusim, se po hitrem postopku vrnem k nežnejšim barvam. Mislim, da je del problema tudi to, da imam precej polne ustnice in tako rdeča res pride do izraza, pa dobim občutek, da zgledam kot klov...


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