Tropical Fish

Hi everyone!

I saw one lovely tutorial and I finally realized that if I want more colours to show on my lids, I don't have to splat one right onto another, but next to *ding - the light bulb lights!*.

Hehe.. so to test the theory I did this make up using 5 eyeshadows. 
And they all show :D.
Plus I did my eyebrows with the Noir eyeshadow from SleekMakeup. 

I used:
Essence Snow Jam 01 cream sorbet eyeshadow
Essence eye primer
Sugarpill Takko + dollipop
Lime Crime Circus Girl
SleekMakeup Good Girl Palette
Artdeco Dita Von Teese gel liner
Bourjouis mascara (pink one)

And of course, the end result!

And it was actually really wearable! :D I loved it <3 .="" p="">

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