Instaweek January 21th-27th


I completely forgot that Sundays are reserved for instaweek series! <.<
But if not Sunday, then Monday, right? 

Here it is! 

1. I drew this cute little drawing for an art trade. I did the liner with black marker and colored with watercolor pencils + acrylic paint. Easy and simple.

2. Baby has one new trick! Standing up, holding to anything with just one hand :D

3. My birthday was last week. I got some lovely gifts <3 .="" p="">
4. One of the gifts are these tarot cards that I wanted.

5&6. While I was walking the same day, I noticed two Jumbo panos that I designed for two ladies. 

7. I also got the water bottle that I really wanted (myequa in glass)! Thank you honey!

8. Cute hair accessory I got from a friend :D.

9. I decided it's time to decorate the room I live in. And well this is part of the decoration. It was fun, but took some time to draw all the little drawings.

10. Little compilation of baby minding his own business. :D He's so funny!

11. We got a new Ewan the sleep sheep since the last one brokw. WE missed him!

12. I got ebay mail! Nail beads for caviar manicure. They are really pretty, but come in little glass vials, and one of them broke in the way to me.

13&15. No sleep, coffee time! And I also tested a new application on my phone. Cymera. Makes really pretty pictues.

14. I tried the caviar manicure for the first time. DAMN it's not that easy as it seems! But I got one nice tip for the further tries.

How was your week?

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