Essence Snow Jam (TE) Cream Sorbet Lilac is my style (1)


It's really been a while since I got anything from any Essence trend edition. But, yes there is always a but :D..
I couldn't walk past by this cream eyeshadow by essence. 
Well I've been using two of their cream eyeshadows (from their regular line) as a base. Sometimes without a primer and sometimes with. Powders stick incredibly well on them, so they are really worth the money!

When I got to the shelf of the TE, there wasn't much left. I am not surprised, since it was/is a really wanted collection (not to say the polishes are divine!).

I thought that this white(ish) cream eyeshadow could really work for me and my newely rediscovered love for pigments/mineral make up. Plus I don't have any white base, which is quite a shame.

It is, as expected a lovely cream eyeshadow. A tad less opaque than I hoped for, but it works with pigments very well either way!

Before I bought it, I made sure that no one opened it! I bought too many items that some girl put her sticky fingers in!! D:

And the swatch. 
White shimmery thing. Easy application. A bit sheer. Sticky for a couple of minutes, perfect as a base (even on oily lids, but you need something under). When it dries it's there to stay. Tho I am not sure how it performs on its own on oily lids. I wouldn't think that good, but you never know. I was surprised with the pink and dark gray cream eyeshadow from essence.

Girls, boys! Do you own any of the Essence cream eyeshadows/sorbets? Do you like them?
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