Egyptian purple

Hello lovelies,

Another day, another make up, right? :D
It just means that one day I had a bit 'too much' of time and I had some extra fun with doing my make up! Make up is super fun, and I can't wait to find more ways to have fun with it (glitter anyone?).

I used a couple of products *tries to remember which ones*.
Emm, I am not sure, but if anyone is extra interested I'll check it out for you.

Which ones do you prefer? A mosaic made of more pictures or one by one?


  1. Lepe senčke.

    Slike pa hkmm, kombinacija obojega?
    Kolaž pomaga pri nalaganju, na posamičnih slikah se pa lepše vidijo podrobnosti

  2. FUUULL mi je vsec ta MU :-)! BRAVO :-D:-D!


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