FOTD: Mom's make up


I want to tell you about my make up. Since the birth of my son it's been almost non existing. That's the sad truth. I applied the cat look here and there (while going nuts because my baby was being fussy!), and the application of eyeshadow also happened here and there.
I do still do my make up when I go somewhere, anywhere. But it is mostly just brows, mascara and blusher.

First it's the lack of time - I don't feel all that creative when under pressure (and a fussy baby or trying to be on schedule is stressful!) and second it's that I don't go out all that much. It seems my life now is only this little baby and that's pretty much it. But it will get better.. probably :P.

Anyway I don't have my logo on this pc, since my pc decided to die on me last week :/. Fun, right? The processor went on 100% of its capacity all the time. So everything was super slow. Bleh. 

When I do have some extra time I do a dark brown make up (so everyone knows I am wearing make up, haha how pathetic is that?!). I miss the colors :/. I want the beauty UK palette (They are cheap and well pigmented) so I could do a colored liner and so on. :D

Sooo.. the FOTD pictures so you don't forget how I look like ;D.

I used: 
Essence Natventurista bronze gel liner (For my brows)
Anastasia Beverly Hills blonde palette (for my brows)
Bourjois Queen Attitude mascara - it's fantastic! I'll review it asap!
Mushroom BB cream - skin79

My brows finally look normal!! :D THANK YOU GEL LINER! =D My dear doesn't like them tho, but I adore them. Damnit!

Oh well, it's almost 2AM and it's time for me to go to sleep. ;). Yes, I do blog at normal hours. Maybe I should schedule some posts while I am at it, since the bar downstairs/close to us is playing some shitty loud music that sounds like techno.

Buh, bye! 
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