NOTD: Depend Magnetic 6006


I did my nails again, it's a miracle! Haha, I'm joking the little fellow has been sleeping nicely lately (at least during the night, during the day he's still somewhat awake).

I bought this magnetic polish (and now I'm so over magnetic polishes, I'm tired of them!) from Depend and it wasn't cheap (3,45€), that's because I want them ALL. But being a cheapo and needing the extra money on baby's stuff I bought only one. And another holographic one. I want all the holo ones! ALL! :D

Anyway, I applied two coats of nail polish, and held the magnet for something like 10s. 
The polish itself is pretty, the effect came out to be 'bleh', but I'll survive with this manicure for a couple of more days.

I am totally into holographic nail polishes now, this will wait until winter when I'll be missing summer :D. 

In the shadow it looks prettier :D!

Oh, my baby is a bit hypotonic (I started holding him correctly after week 3?, which helped a LOT). Lets hope it will get better and we won't need any psychotherapy for him. 


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