NOTD: Depend Holographic Sand Grey (2026)

Hello dear ladies and gentlemen (maybe?),

This time when I was doing my manicure I was in a hurry (cooking, washing the dishes, checking on baby and hoping he won't wake up) and I just took off the previous manicure and applied the new one. No nail cuticles pampering :/.
Also I didn't 'feed' them with Lemony Flutter prior taking pictures because I'm lazy like that (I remembered I could do that only AFTER I downloaded the pictures). 

Anyway, I applied 3 super thin layers of this pretty holographic almost gold polish. I like it, it's pretty neutral in the shadow, but in the light - babawooom! :D

Mysterious light..  :D

Shadow - the cuticles make me want to cry ;_;

Ahhh, so shiny!! :D

I must say that I am pretty impressed with the holographic line of Depend nail polishes. They do last quite a while on me (5 days+) and they are darn pretty! My goal is to own all of them - okay except the light pink.. I don't need two light pink holos (one being S-he 247).

Do you own any of the holo beauties from Depend? What's your opinion on them?
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