NOTD: Essence Dopey + Busted


Because nothing is really happening I decided to upgrade my manicure. Well my love manicure was lovely, yes, but it started chipping.

And since I had so many unused nail polishes from the last purchase  I wanted to use one of them. But which one, hmm? 
Well that was quite a hard decision and at the end I was deciding between Dopey and Bashful. 
But Dopey won, especially when I saw that I still have Pure Ice Busted nail polish. 

Dopey has some lovely silver shimmer, and Busted is full of lilac shimmer. What's better to empathize the beauty of Dopey than lilac shimmer? 

Anyway I needed three coats for full opacity (2 thick could do) of Dopey and 1 of Busted, because it's just a topper. 

The drying time was mediocre, but that's because of the thick layers. Otherwise the application was fine, not too thick or too thin.

The army of polishes I used:
 Base coat, Dopey, Busted, Top Coat and quick drying top coat (which always makes bubbles!!)

I think here it looks the most realistic. Between purple and blue.

Neon light



I tried editing it so it would look more realistic (lilac), but I failed miserably. 

This shade is quite lovely, but I think it's more of a Spring color than anything else. I love bold statement colors :D. So maybe later I'll upgrade it with some nail art. <3


  1. You're the second person I've seen use that Color Club topcoat. Is it any good? Price & availability info?

  2. @Marox79: To be completely honest; it's not one of my fav top coats. So far it doesn't dry all that quickly (even HOURS! after the application I get sheet marks.. no matter when I applied the damn thing), leaves me with tiny bubbles on the manicure..
    My first and last buy of it. I paid 10€ for it, but I am not sure how available it is around the world?


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