Pregnancy from week 38 to 40

So..  this is the end of my pregnancy diary.. as it seems :). But it doesn't matter, because it only means it's the beginning of a new era for me and my dearest.

Week 38
My feet are swelling, my hands are also swelling (especially when I am sleeping!) and it's damn annoying!
My blood pressure is alright, the swelling is from the extra heat (this week it's been living hell, the temperatures are going from 35-37 Celsius degrees.. :/)
Yesterday I went swimming and it was niiiice! I didn't sweat like a pig (big plus!), the downside was the terrible weather (39 degrees???) and the fact I couldn't cool down. We don't own an AC, which is really a shame, but maybe next year we will think about it.. :). Because honestly.. this heat.. damn!
And it's supposed to stay like this until September?! WTF.

It's quite hardcore to eat with this tiny stomach and big appetite :P. Plus my back hurts if I try to sleep on it... ahh so annoying!

Picture of me in the swimsuit ;D.

Week 39
Everything seems to be normal. The baby is OK as the doctor said. We are waiting if he will come out when it's time or maybe sooner. So far he has enough of everything and is happy in his own little world.
The weather got better, but it is still very hot outside. I feel lazy and tired most of the time. I usually just sleep a lot, eat and that's pretty much it. Not a very productive week :D.
Oh and the most terrible thing is again - the heartburn. It came back again! I am sick and tired of the many variations of nuts, probably I have enough of them for my whole life (hazelnuts and almonds help me with my heartburn).

I can't see past my tummy. No knees, no ankles, no feet. Nothing, lol! :D

Week 40
My lovely stretch marks ;P
Two days due date (so 30.5) I thought I felt something and the next day we went to get a check up at the local maternity hospital. They said everything is ok, that I am 3 cm open and if I'd like to we can go to the birth room (or however it's called). I panicked and said no thank you. I wanted to wait for it to occur naturally.
The day after it was my estimated day when I was supposed to give birth. Well the vaginal exam from the day before did made me go into 'contractions mode', but those were just fake contractions.

Again with the baby everything seems to be fine. I also got another date to go to the gynecologist if nothing happens, which was 3 days after.
And again.. nothing happened by then so my doctor gave me a vaginal exam (with everything else to check if the baby is OK) which hurt like a bitch, since she touched the fetal bladder. THIS is when I first felt a true contraction. She said I was open 4 cm and that everything is alright. But the next checkups are in the maternity hospital and no more at my gynecologist.

Anyway.. this exam really helped with contractions. I had some really painful and long ones for hours, but they were irregular. They were going on the second day too, that's why we went back to the maternity hospital. I was having contractions every 8 minutes for quite a while..

But a funny thing happened! When I got there, they almost disappeared! Bye bye contractions, bye bye labor. The nurse said to go for a walk or something and if nothing happens in 2h, to go back home.

Well my dear and I went to eat and ironically I got my contractions back - this time every 6 minutes and they were real, hurt like hell. But after 1h they slowly disappeared.

So I guess I am afraid of doctors, which is quite new to me. My dear said he knew that, but wtf.. I didn't!
This means giving birth will be such a fun experience :P. Because of the fear... *meditates*

If nothing will happen tomorrow (my week 41 begins then), I'll blog next time about being way past the labor day.

And no, they don't accelerate birth in the maternity hospital I chose. Which I like, but this means that today I'll have a nice little chat with the fellow in my tummy :P.
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