Review: Geo Kira Kira Brown (WT-A44)


Remember when I mentioned the soulless child look in my last circle lenses review? Yes? No (then click here)?
Well, these usually good looking lenses give me the exact look I don't want to have.
Soulless child. =D

They probably look divine on brown or black eyes, but on my light eyes they freak me out.
So what am I talking about? 

Diameter: 15.00mm
B.C: 8.7
Water content: 38%
Duration: Yearly
Brand: Geo Medical (Korea)
They only come in Plano (0.00)

They are the perfect shade of brown and the pattern is just lovely.


See these are HUGE! 

In close-ups, they actually look decent. So they would look great with a lovely makeup or some dark creature inspired mask.. :D But for daily use. ugh.. Nope.

Soulless child! Or maybe looking really tired/wasted?! Not for me =P.

Enlargement: 10/10
They are HUGE! Well, they make my eyes look huge! Which is cute, but not for me.

Color/Design: 4/10
I don't like the color on me, but otherwise, it's a lovely brown. The pattern is lovely, but then again not for my light eyes.

Comfort: 8/10
As huge as these are, they are pretty damn comfortable! I wore them for a couple of hours and there was no dryness or anything like that. I'd use them daily if I would like the design and color.. :P

These are great lenses, but I don't really like how they look on me. Too dark, the rim is too big. Brown eyes don't really suit me. I'd love it if they came in green <3.
If you are looking for natural looking brown lenses (and you have dark eyes), these are for you. If not. well, move along =D.
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