NOTD: Essence Very Cherry (Fruity TE)

Hello dear readers,
As you may have noticed my blog has a new design. Do you like it? =D 

I am still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with it and how to make it show with the template, but that is something I'll do in the next year or sooner. 

I didn't think that I'd have to change my manicure so quickly. Well yes, after two days I could notice a tiny almost invisible chip on my index finger, but nothing too extraordinary.

But then the little accident with the refrigeration happened and my nail broke. Luckily my nails were long, so it didn't get to the raw part.. just about 1-2 mm of nail. Nothing I couldn't cut off and file down.

So with my new short nails it seemed like a good idea to try a new nail polish. 
Still from the super fun Fruity Collection from Essence, but this time the peachy one - Very Cherry.

What to say? The application wasn't as easy as it was with Mashed berries, because the base is a polish with some sheen in it (hardly noticeable in real life). I prefer the jelly base. Also it is thicker (I am not sure if it's like this just with my nail polish or all of them) than the other one. 

The drying time was OK, with 3 coats applied. 
Sadly there was no sun today, so I only have photos from inside and outside (no sun).. :(

Essence Very Cherry (Fruity Collection)

It looks like some bubbles formed on my nails, but that's just the glitter. In real life they aren't visible.

I like the color, but it's less fun than Mashed Berries (which I love!). The peachy colour reminds me of Spring (and less of Summer).

Would you wear it?

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