Review: Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara

I thought I got nothing to share with my dear readers since my nails are extra short - candy like.
But then I realized I got a full PC of unpublished reviews of various products (yay!) and since it's been a while I posted about Miss Sporty, here it is - a magical review about one of its mascaras.

The mascara is called Fabulous Lash Mascara (like the one I had with a curved brush which was absolutely awesome).

Back in December, I was desperate for a new mascara, and buying one is always a very difficult task for me.
That is why when I got to the Miss Sporty stand, I grabbed this pink beauty. Yes, I love pink, I can't help it.
I also grabbed the proved great mascara (the same thing, just the brush is curved) for my sister.

I wanted to try something new, you know, to experiment.

This mascara has a cheap looking (but still quite pretty) tube.

I got mine in black (I think there were actually just black ones), and the price was really adequate (about 3€).

The brush is a standard one, fairly sized and it picks the right amount of product.

The problem is, that when you start using Miss Sporty's mascaras it takes some time for the formula to get to the right consistency (which means about 3-4 uses does the trick) since the formula is at first a bit watery.

The application was simple, nothing too dramatic and so was the result - pretty natural looking lashes. Of course, I wanted big dramatic ones, but for daytime, it could do.

The problem showed elsewhere.
When I thought I found a new good mascara it started burning. And burning like my eyes would pop out and run away!!
I am not sure why, but that was the time my right eye started to water a tiny bit and when that tiny tear came in contact with this mascara, well it started burning so much that my eyes started watering like hell and I ended with red irritated eyes. Auch :/.

I gave it a try for some more times because you know - I don't give up on a product all that easily.

Sadly the result was the same. Or it started to burn in a couple of minutes or just a couple of hours later (when I was usually working). Not pretty.

That's why I decided this mascara isn't for me (and I do not have sensitive eyes), so next time I'll just skip it.

+ It is really cheap
+ The color of the tube is really pretty
+ The application is easy
+ Gives natural looking lashes

- Cheap looking tube
- Doesn't give dramatic lashes
- Takes some uses to get the right thickness of the texture (it is watery at first)
- It irritated my eyes

Price: 5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥ (less than 4€)
Rating: 2/5 ♥♥

Even if I liked the result it gave, I cannot say I'd recommend it. It badly irritated my eyes, so next time I will just skip it. But since the same formula (I think?) just with the curved brush didn't harm my eyes, I guess I won't give up on Miss Sporty mascaras.

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