Review: Geo Super Nudy Grey

Hi, ~<3!

I wanted to review these lenses, but I was always putting them off since I didn't know how would such lenses look on my green eyes. I mean I had a similar pair (Angel green) but green and I absolutely hated them!

I got them from MakuChu for review purposes. 

But actually, these do look pretty nice.

B.C.: 8.6mm
DIAMETER: 14.8mm

The packaging (cute as always) - I love the vials. 

On my eyes

Sadly I got the wrong presciption (.25 more than my actual prescription is!), but I still managed to see normally with them.
Of course, I took lots of cam whoring pictures with them - tho sadly my better camera is currently not with me :(.

Damn, I realized I do really hate my hair color right now. It's between my natural hair color (cold dark blonde) and the dyed one (what the f is that?). I need to fix that.

I had a bit of problem with inserting them (they are quite soft), but after they got in they were there to stay! And actually, they are pretty comfortable!

Enlargement: 8/10
They do have quite some enlarging effect. That's because of the huge black rim. These are not natural looking.

Color/Design: 5/10
Not even close to looking natural, but they are really opaque, so they show nicely on my light eyes. They would probably look better on dark eyes. 

Comfort: 9/10
I am surprised. I had a couple of Geo lenses, but these are the most comfortable ones of them all. They got my thrust back because of them. So yes, even after some hours on the PC I can't say I am wearing lenses.

I do not like the way they look, but I did get quite quickly used to them. I wouldn't mind wearing them for my daily chores. They are also super comfortable, which is always a great plus. But the design is really not my thing.

This product was sent to me by the company itself or its PR. For more information please do read my Disclosure PolicyMy reviews are ALWAYS honest. 

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