Preview: Catrice Revoltaire (April - May 2012)

There will be another collection from Catrice coming in the next few months. I thought it would be boring, but it somehow reminds me of the 50's. Not because of the promo video, but because of the colours (boh?).

Anyway.... here it is! 

I love the pink brows on the promo video. <3

Revoltaire – the courage to be yourself and all that you want to be. To break free of conventions and to enjoy a new passion for life. CATRICE is revolutionizing the conventional colors of spring in April and May 2012 with the Limited Edition “Revoltaire”. Contrasts? Yes, please!
Natural brown, subtle green, puristic grey and soft nude shades offer the backdrop for bright acid colors, thus revealing their true style competence. Coral pink, toxic green... “Revoltaire” by CATRICE - let’s head for fabulous new color combinations!


Be edgy! The catwalks are presenting strong revolutionistas who all have one thing in common: they are authentic. Simply themselves. And that’s where the style comes in: with three color-intensive powder eyeshadows and a cake eyeliner as well as an integrated applicator with a sponge on one end and an eyeliner brush on the other. The basis colors: subtle, elegant shades such as grey, brown khaki and gold. And the highlight nuances: coral pink or acid green for smokey eyes with a twist! The Revoltaire emblem decorates the high-quality gun metal case with an integrated mirror.

LIP BRUSH (3,09€)

Accurate application is a must, especially for matt lipsticks! Not a problem with the Lip Brush: this professional brush allows you to trace the contours of your lips with precision or smoothly apply lipstick on the entire lip. After use, simply slide the brush back into its case and it disappears – so hygienic and practical! Revolution and perfection go hand in hand!


Emphasize your cheekbones like never before. With its fascinating color gradient ranging from nude to coral pink, the Revoltaire Powder Blush has a silky, soft texture. It is superb for modeling the contours of your face to create a gorgeous, radiant look. Have the courage to go for color - the courage for Revoltaire!


A true Revoltaire loves the ultimate long-lasting texture, ultimate coverage and ultimate color and shine of the Ultimate Nail Lacquer by CATRICE! The stylish contrasts between the muted tones and bright neon colors are revolutionary, and so is the improved, ultra-broad professional brush for an excellent color finish with just one application!


Matt, velvety lips revolutionize the spring season: full of contrasts, unexpected, exciting and new. The matt lipsticks in a unique gun metal case won’t dry out your lips thanks to their velvety, rich texture. Instead, they provide color with depth for sensual lips with a matt finish and a touch of coolness - from nude to coral pink to intensive red.

I am excited to see the lipstick in Color bomb (the pinkish one), the blush and the palettes (the case, the case!). 
What about you?

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