DOML: It's been a while

... since I posted some pictures from my week.

And since I'm stuck with my phone camera, they look as they do. ^^

 Last Saturday I went with my sister and my dog on a very long walk (so long that my back and feet hurt at the end of it!). The nature was gorgeous!

The start of the week wasn't one of the most healthy ones, because I was craving junk food. I was meeting with some friends after so I was deciding between Mcdonalds and Burger King. Since I know what shit is inside Mcdonalds food, I went with Burger King. The taste is well different, and their Coca Cola tasted a bit marmeladeish, but otherwise was fine.

At the end of my week I was meeting with another friend. She showed me this (abundance, I think) symbol, and I took a photo of it since it was so pretty! <3

The spring is here! Found these on a walk in the city. 

I took this phone pic when I was at home for a couple of days (that+s why I'm dressed so weirdly lol!). My tummy is already huge ;D.

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