Hair Color Syoss Pro Nature 6-1 Dark Blonde


I tried to deny it to myself for a while now.. especially because it's not really good to dye your hair in the first trimester of pregnancy. So ... I had my roots showing .. and I mean a lot. And the contrast was huge, since my natural hair is cool toned, and the dyed one is warm toned. Yes, red is really hard to get out of the hair.

But now I got sick of seeing the contrast on pictures, and decided to do something about it. I bought myself a hair colour and hoped for the best.

I have naturally medium (or dark?? well during pregnancy they got darker) blonde hair, so I picked up a dark blonde colour.

The box. It looks pretty, nothing special. I especially like the black/green combination.
Syoss Pro Nature Hair Dye box
Syoss Pro Nature Hair Dye box
 Colour chart
Syoss Pro Nature Hair Dye box

On the chart it looked fine, so I wasn't really worried. What could it go wrong? I mean, I could end up with some super dark hair, but I loved being a brunette last time, so yeah.

My roots and dirty hair :)
hair roots before dyeing

hair roots before dyeing

On the pictures it shows like really a lot, but in real life the difference between colours and cool/warm wasn't so visible.

I do not have any photo of the application process, but it was really simple. The instructions were clear enough, so I knew I had to leave the dye on for 30 minutes. I left it on for a bit longer, since I was doing something and kind of forgot about the time, so the result is maybe a bit darker than it's supposed to be.

Still slightly damp hair.
after dyeing with syoss color

after dyeing with syoss color

And final result!
after dyeing with syoss color
 Haha wanted to show my simple make up :D
after dyeing with syoss color

after dyeing with syoss color

+ Simple application
+ Pretty box
+ Quite cheap
+ Easy to use

- I couldn't find the medium brown dye in the store

Price: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥ (>6€)
Rating: 4/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

I am really happy with the result and since the dying process was quick and clean, I have absolutely nothing to say against this hair color. It didn't dry out my hair, it comes with some conditioner (that I didn't use, since I don't like the conditioner from this brand) and gloves. So, simple and effective and pretty cheap. So yes, I like it. 

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