Review: Geo Twin Green (YH-303)

Hi, everyone!

I really miss my camera, but in the mean time, I have a Nikon camera which is pretty old and my little canon (which is awesome, just not a DSLR). The Nikon is D70, so it's quite old and I more or less dislike it.

When I take pictures in daylight (inside or outside, it doesn't really matter!), the auto settings just make everything look super dark. And sadly even with the manual settings, it's not much better since it has only 6mpx and well ISO 1600. :/

Anyway, I wanted to camwhore since I did some makeup and this was at hand. I took some pictures, which are so-so, but better than nothing.

The lenses are green, so they didn't look all that odd on my green eyes. They didn't really look natural either, but still. There is no huge black rim, so they could look natural. :)

Usage Modality:  Yearly Disposable

BC:  8.6 mm

DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38% 

They probably look pretty natural on darker eyes, since they blend in quite nicely even with my light eyes.



Yep, they make my pupils look bigger (so I look younger, yay!), but that's pretty much it with this color. It is nothing too dramatic.

Cam whoring pictures time, yay! 
You can clearly see which photos were taken with that (older or newer camera)


 What? I can do a duck face too! :D

 I learned that this sign means 'fuck you' in the UK.... whoops :P

Enlargement: 4/10
They don't do much when it comes to enlargement of the eyes. Well, the difference is visible, but it's nothing much. No dolly eyes here.

Color/Design: 5/10
I like the color, but not the design. Up close it's too pixelated and weird looking. Truth to be said even from 1m away it looks a bit odd, like 'there's something going on, but I can't put my finger on it' odd.

Comfort: 7/10
Comfort wise, they are ok. At first, when I put them in I couldn't see for a couple of minutes. My eyes were burning - but it's probably because I didn't wear them before. When that feeling went away, it was fine. I wore them for a couple of hours and I couldn't feel them, which is great!

They look pretty in the vials, ok in my eyes but still they didn't convince me. Of course, they are pretty, just not my thing. I prefer my own green eyes compared to these lenses. They are comfortable, the design is OK and they could be worn as natural looking lenses. But again, they don't do it for me. Plus I don't have them with a prescription, so it's a shame. 


  1. i think the lens look dazzling as a green contacts but im a bit distracted by your falsies here :( too spikey

  2. Surprisingly those lenses look really natural on you! They're quite subtle. :) I really want to try circle lenses myself but I'm scared of what they might look like. LOL!

  3. @Kumiko Mae
    Haha. I see what you mean with too spiky. :D

  4. @Nisha
    Thank you! I was also surprised! Well it depends on your eye color. You have brown eyes, yes? Then you could try out with something like big brown natural looking lenses. There are many of those. One of them being Neo Dali brown. Those are very subtle and look good on most brown eyes.


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