Pregnancy from week 1 to 16

I know, I promised to post a weekly update of my pregnancy, which well.. didn't happen.

Why? Well I'll break it up for you week by week.

Week 1 - Week 4: 
Hmm.. I had no idea I was pregnant. Well yes, my breasts were tender but that was it. And my mood went off here and there. But this was it. The forth week I did the pregnancy test. And yes, it was positive. So I did three more. All positive. At that point I called my Gynecologist to get an appointment to confirm it. I switched doctors, because I moved to our capital city two months before.

Week 6:
At this point I was still feeling pretty fine. I learned I put on weight (like 5kg!!) and the pregnancy was confirmed by my new doctor. She's super nice. I got another appointment in 6 weeks. Of course my breasts got bigger and were still damn tender. Otherwise it was pretty much normal.
I got my first ultrasound baby picture! I also saw him on the monitor. It was 65 mm big. Tiny little thing. He looked like a circle.. :P  At this point I wasn't feeling anything for him/her. Well a tiny bit of love, but I still didn't realize what it meant!

Here's a picture.

Week 7 - Week 12:
Holy Molly! I didn't know that the 'morning sickness' will go on day after day and the whole damn day!! This was the worst period of them all. At this point nothing helped. I learned one trick tho. Eat all the time. ALL the time! Before you wake up, when you're awake and before you go to bed. All the damn time. Small portions, light food. I fought with the urge to eat everything I saw and the nausea at the same time. I WAS hungry, but also sick. Terrible combination. The worst thing that could happen was me overeating or being hungry. At those times the nausea kicked in harder than before. So I munched on stuff all the damn time.

In week 12, I got my ehr... Mother booklet? Hell, I have no idea how it's called. It's a little book where all the doctors write stuff about your pregnancy. It's a confirmation that you're officially pregnant. You take it with you to all the doctor appointments and tests.

Anyway I also got another picture from the ultrasound. At week 12, the baby is pretty much bigger and it actually looks like a baby. This is when the mother instinct kicked in.  I could finally see him (why him? I have a strong feeling that it's a boy from the whole beginning). The head, his tiny little fingers and his tiny body. So cute! But when it was picture time he moved, so it's not a great picture.

Week 13:
I was kind of late to get my appointment for my nuchal translucency. But I managed to get it anyway on December 30th. Yes I had to google that. I had no idea how it's called in English and honestly, Google translate sucks. That's quite an unusual date, since no doctors will work the day before New Year. But I was lucky!
I went there with my partner and we saw our baby together for the first time! <3 
Before the procedure we went to eat (yes, hungry mom and all that stuff), so when we got the ultrasound the baby was moving for 30 seconds and then fell asleep. Of course showing us his back. 
I had to move around a bit, jump, well exercise so he may wake up. And did he? NO. He slept like it was the best sleep of his whole life. 
Anyway because of this we moved to the vaginal ultrasound which woke him up instantly. He then moved a bit, and put his hand right on his neck. LOL. Anyway it was so funny I had to try really hard not to laugh :D. 
So we have one special and healthy baby ;).
Plus the nausea kept going on, and I was also tired all the time (from week 6 on). 
We saw him in 3D and it was awesome!

Of course some pictures are just like 'wft is that?'. But still.. :D

Week 14 - 16:
The tiredness is still going on, but the nausea is quietly disappearing. One day I really wanted to eat Mexican food, so my dear took me to such a restaurant close to my home town. I ordered garlic soup and a salad. The soup was quite good (I am used to better ones). But the unlucky part is that I started vomiting violently like the moment I got out of the restaurant. It was terrible. I felt so sick, that even a short walk couldn't help me. I vomited three times and I thought I'd die. The worst part is that there were garlic pieces in the soup and they got out... from my nose D:!
Anyway it was disgusting. No Mexican food for me for a while..   I also felt very nauseated when I ate my favorite salad (that has LOTS of garlic in it). Which means.. no more garlic. :< I love garlic so it breaks my heart. In week 15 the nausea stopped! But I am still very very tired. After 3 hours of being awake, I feel so tired that I'd want to go to sleep for one whole hour...  
Tomorrow I have another appointment with my doctor, she will tell me my blood group and if I am Rh + or - and some other stuff. :)

I'll keep your updated.



  1. My mum used to like 'Eau de Rochas' very much, but when she got pregnant from me it made her so sick she has not been able to wear it again.
    I'm glad you're slowly feeling better.

  2. Advice... sleep! sleep and sleep because these are the last months that you'll be able to sleep :)

  3. Super novice... :) Če boš rabila kakšen nasvet ali imela kakšno vprašanje glede zdravstvenih vidikov, sem ti na voljo (sem veliko delala v porodnišnici) :D

  4. Joooooj kakšno luštno poročilo :) všeč mi je, zelo :)
    slike so pa res neberljive zame. Bolj kot gledam da bi videla kaj, manj vidim :D Samo na 2. sliki (12 teden) vidim "obraz" ampak bi rekla da ni dojenčkov obraz ampak bolj naključne sence :D
    srečno <3

  5. krasan post :-D
    danas je mojoj 'bebi' 17. rođendan, a trudnoće se uvijek sjetim kao posebnog dijela mog života... usprkos povraćanju do zadnjeg tromjesjećja ;-)

  6. thanks for sharing your experiece...
    I wish all the best for you and your Boy! :)

  7. I can't believe I didn't reply ot any comments! D:

    Alice: Thank you!! I will post an update quite soon, since I'm already at week 21.

    Nail Crazy: That's fantastic! And for some odd reason I really thought you were some really young lady ;D.

    Tinchi: Hvala. In ooo ja, te slike so res pravo cudo za razumet. Saj verjetno prides v prakso in stekas, ampak drugace pa.. uf. Na zadnjem UZ sem samo gledala wtf je kje? Pa je bejbi ze velik, ampak vseeno.. :D

    Sanja: Ma fora je, da me sedaj matra nosecniska nespecnost :<.

    Marox79: Haha, that's so funny! I do dislike some scents that I liked (like food :P), but nothing too dramatic for now. <3

  8. Thanks for sharing your experience. I like your way of presentation.

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  9. Hay i have just been conformed i am pregnant and so lucky to come here. all clinches in one move. Appreciate your efforts. 23 Weeks Pregnant With Twins

  10. @Lisa that is awesome, congratulations! And thank you, I hope my pregnancy diary is of any use to you <3.


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