Essence Natventurista + I love TE


I know I'm totally late with this collection, but in our local Tuš Drogerija just got this collection! And the SA got angry when I snapped a picture of it. Later she apologized and was all nice, so I guess it's alright.

I got only two items from this collection (and two from I love TE), because I'm not really into nude and musky colors. 

The things I got:

*Essence Stay All Day in 06 Rock Chic (Love TE)
(which will be used as a base for different MUs)
*Essence Liquid Eyeliner (Love TE)
(because of the felt tip, the other brand I know that has it is Illamasqua)
*Gel liner in 02 mother earth is watching you (Natventurista TE)
(Will be probably using it as a cream eyeshadow or for simple EOTDs)
*Lip balm in 01 outdoor nudes (Natventurista  TE)

I saw this collection more than a month ago in Muller, but I didn't get anything since all the stuff that was left was already used (eww!). At that time I wanted to get the lip balm which smells divine (tho I dislike the BHT in it).

The liquid eyeliner swatch...  It's black, it really is! ^^

On the next swatch I decided to try the Gel liner and the Cream Eyeshadow.
Both are very well pigmented (I love the creamy texture of the Gel liner!), but the eyeshadow is harder than I expected it to be?!
We'll see how that works out for me. 

Thank you for reading! <3


  1. Essence eyeliner i style have nice black colour, but it irritate my eyes.

  2. Shinodka: Awww, that's too bad! :( Hopefully it will work for my eyes just fine. And I checked their site - it says just I love, without the style part. :/

    Ninnette: Yes! And it smells just lovely too!

  3. Ravno ta teden sem kupila ta liquid liner. Nosila sem ga le enkrat in zaenkrat mi je zelo všeč.

  4. Amazing collection with great colors for autumn! Too bad we don't have Essence where I live :\


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