EOTD/FOTD: Testing Out


I realized my blog is almost dead (there's no people commenting) =(. 
But I also realized I didn't write anything smart or witty in the last couple of blog posts. But that's because I work all day and when I get back home, I have absolutely no strength to be funny :P.

Or so I thought! :P

Anyway, yesterday I bought the 'magic wand' from essence (ie. their Eyeshadow primer), and was hoping it would do its job as it should..

Of course I read the reviews about the product only AFTER I bought it. So typical of me! :(

This was my first make up with it, and when I'll have enough of them (so about 5) I'll post a full review about the product.

I did my regular MU routine (which is UD Naked OFC! + gel liner and mascara).

Sooo... off to the pictures! I must say that here are some really unflattering facial pictures, lol. 

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