EOTD/FOTD: Testing Out


I realized my blog is almost dead (there's no people commenting) =(. 
But I also realized I didn't write anything smart or witty in the last couple of blog posts. But that's because I work all day and when I get back home, I have absolutely no strength to be funny :P.

Or so I thought! :P

Anyway, yesterday I bought the 'magic wand' from essence (ie. their Eyeshadow primer), and was hoping it would do its job as it should..

Of course I read the reviews about the product only AFTER I bought it. So typical of me! :(

This was my first make up with it, and when I'll have enough of them (so about 5) I'll post a full review about the product.

I did my regular MU routine (which is UD Naked OFC! + gel liner and mascara).

Sooo... off to the pictures! I must say that here are some really unflattering facial pictures, lol. 


  1. I'm very happy with my primers, especially the Rival de Loop one. Pity we can't get that here.

  2. Marox79: I'm really happy with my UDPP, but I'm slowly running out and I was hoping to find something cheaper and as good, but that is locally available.


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