DOML: The beginning


I decided to start with this mini series - day of my life..  
This mini series will mostly contain photos and some short stories about my life. I'll update them weekly (so it means 1 post = 7 photos each for one day of the week), hopefully for long enough to keep it fun! :D

So lets start ^_^;

 1. Bleached my hair. I'm still going back to blond... it's a long way.. :P Kind of..  well I got scared of the 'bright orange phase', but it will pass. That's why I got a new package of those little things. I'll be blond again!

 2. Moved to a new place. It got cold pretty soon so coffee/tea keeps me warm. 

 3. No phone, no fun. It keeps me entertained. Like at all times, so it's not even fun anymore! 

 4. Need to stay hydrated. And I still want to be Eco-friendly. So this is the perfect solution!

 5. Coffee keeps me going (and energy workout too).

6. Pablo. THE dog!

7. I started drawing again. I realized that I do actually know a tiny bit about drawing. Cool. 

I'd love to hear from you (feedback, tips, ideas, comments?). And thank you for looking ^^!

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