Review: Kiko 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara


I got this mascara a while ago when I went to Italy to buy some new cosmetics. I normally wouldn't buy a mascara priced at 8€, because for that price I'd rather buy something else (or pay a little more for something else). But since they had this massive sale where all the mascaras were 3,90€ I had to give it a go.

I got two mascaras, but today I'll tell you about the 30 Days mascara.

It's supposed to make your lashes longer in 30 days of daily use. But I really don't care about that. I'm not even sure if it's true, tho on another blog I saw some real improvement on the length of the lashes. 

I am using this mascara as a regular  plastic one. I want it to give me some length, volume and color. That's it. I don't think I'm asking for too much.

The brush is a regular one, and it serves well. I actually like the packaging, because it really looks classy. But sadly after taking it with me (in my purse) every single day some bald spots formed on the packaging. Nothing dramatic, but now it doesn't look all that pretty.

Lets move on to my bare lashes. Oh yes, they may be long but they don't have any color. Well except blond.

Next I used 1 coat of mascara.

Yes, I forgot to clean up. Usually I manage to make a mess (it doesn't matter which mascara I'm using) if I'm not wearing any eye shadow. It's weird, I know =).

2 layers. 

With 2 layers on, the difference isn't that obvious. I mean between 1 and 2 layers. It gives me more volume this way, but that's it.

I usually apply 1 coat of mascara even if I love long luxurious lashes.

+ Does its job well
+ Doesn't give me spider legs*
+ Doesn't give me panda eyes*
+ I only need 1 coat of it for a great effect
+ It's relatively cheap (7,90€)
+ I like the packaging design

- Not available everywhere (I got it in Italy)

Price: 3/5   (7,90€)
Rating: 4/5 

This is a great mascara that I got for an even greater price. I like the packaging, the functionality and the effect. Of course the brush is also lovely. I'm not sure if it really lengthens my lashes, but I don't care. I didn't buy it for that reason. I just wanted a good mascara for a cheap price and that's exactly what I got. 

*This product was purchased by myself. My opinion is always honest.
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