NOTD: Cherry Blossom (+video tutorial)

Hi lovelies,

Today it's time for some nail art! ^^ I wanted to film a video tutorial but I ran out of ideas..  that's when I went out to the balcony and saw all the beautiful blooming cherries (and other fruit trees). It is divine out there ^^.
So I went with a simple (and maybe a bit sloppy, lol) cherry blossom look.

I was playing with the thought of recreating a peach blossom look, but instead I went with the cherry theme my blog has.

Excuse my dry cuticles. I have been neglecting them. But now they'll be super for showing the power of Evil Shades Cuticle cream. We'll see. :)

Things I used:

*Essence Nail Art Base Coat
*Essence Not Just Cute pink nail polish (Cute as Hell LE)
*Black Nail Art Pen
*White Acrylic paint
*Essence Quick Dry Top Coat

Thank you for watching! ^^


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