Gets - Basic Cosmetics Haul

Hi lovelies!

For today I didn't have any scheduled blog post, so I was worried a bit. You know I'm a lazy bum, so I tend to write my posts the last moment when they're not scheduled.

Anyway.. I took some pictures for my upcoming reviews, did three nail wheels and got super tired.. (it's really a lot of work!)...
After that, it was time to go change my tragus piercing to my piercer, but sadly she didn't have any bling stones for me, so we just put in a shorter barrel. Hopefully, it won't swell too much :<. It was a bit uncomfortable, I felt it more than when I got the actual piercing done (which didn't hurt at all!!). 

Later I went to DM because I ran out of some basic things.
Are you curious yet? :)

*Ebelin make up removal wipes (150 pack) 

It's a family pack and it contains 150 tissues. I never saw such a big package, so I grabbed it right away. xD I'll keep it at home, for quick MU removing. Actually.. I'm not really sure what will I do with them :P.

*Set Puder Spray Dry Shampoo. 
This is the BEST invention EVER. I used one of these babies in 2 months. I loved it so much because I really dislike when my hair gets oily. Which happens ever 2nd day. And only my root is oily, my other part of the hair is dry. So bleh meh, I needed this!

*Alverde shampoo for Oily hair/Hair with Dandruff. 

I got this because it was the ONLY shampoo that doesn't contain SLS in DM stores. I love alverde, so I don't mind that. I wonder how it will work for my hair.

*Balea Apricot + Honey hair Balsam. 
There's one reason why I bought this. I LOVE the smell of apricots in hair stuff. LOVE. 

And the second part.. :) Which is quite boring, lol.

*Ebelin cosmetic pads
There's nothing to add here :P.

*Ebelin make up removal wipes  (travel package)
Same as before, only this time they are smaller. Great for taking them with you.

*Cotton Buds

I ran out of them and  I needed more to clean my tragus piercing.  I used 500 cotton buds in the last 3 months. I know, because when I got my tragus pierced I bought 500 of them. Woah!! 

Oh, I also got this lovely ECO bag for 30 points (1 point = 1€ spent in the store).

Well, that's all. :) Hope it was worth your time, lol.
Thank you for reading <3!

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