I'm a brunette now!

Being a vivid redhead was quite tiring. Every time I went to wash my hair, my bathtub looked like someone has been murdered in it. 
I had to apply red hair masks 2-3 times a week and even if I dyed my hair.. two washes later it turned a pale red/almost pink.
The truth is.. I loved the bright red color, but it was way too high mainenance. I fried my hair to get to it, and I honestly don't regret it.
So maybe one day.. I'll go back to red. Or I'll try out being blue. Which is.. I suppose an even harder color to keep.

Anyway, I used this brand of hair dye that says it is like 100% organic and without amoniac and SLS (do dyes even contain SLS?!) Well it did smell nice and my hair wasn't fried after it.

The funny thing is.. my hair isn't so dry anymore. It's super soft and silky <3!

I used the 'light brown' color, but since my hair was bleached before and dyed to bright red it turned out to be dark brown with red hues.
I don't mind it and I actually love it.

So.. to celebrate my new hair color, here are some cam whoring pictures. Because you all love them. And I love taking them!

I also must say, that I felt like I have 10 years again. Damn I look young in these pictures + the hair bow adds something to it, lol.

See.. 10 years, alright! :D

Of course I can act as an adult too..  almost :D!

Awkward angle. Sitting on my sister's bed and cam whoring. Isn't that nice?!

 Yes. I can look cute with a fish face. :P

I ate all of your candy. Whoops :P

And then I wanted to see if I can use some random stuff I found in the room. Like false lashes. :P No they are not mine. And I didn't use them either.

You may be wondering what make up I wore.
*I wore two pairs of fake lashes (upper and lower ones), both from Ebay. 
*Essence black liquid eyeliner pen
*Essence long lasting eye pencil in dark blue
*EvilShades blusher in Day Dream + MAC Hand-Finish
*Bourjois Bio Detox liquid foundation
*Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrows duo (golden blond) 

I also realized I can't wear falsies in a cold and windy weather. My eyes water too much and I end with a peeling off eyelash. And it's bad looking :(!
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