Cute gifts!

Hi dolls,

On Saturday we organized a small drink to celebrate our birthday (yes, I know it was a month ago, lol) and even if we were 30 minutes late, the other girls weren't already there. :P

Anyway, I wasn't expecting any gifts but the girls were so kind - so thank you!! <3

I'll just post the photos, because the sun is shining and it's time to do something creative :D!

Super cute socks! I call the left one a hamster on ecstasy. :D 

Belly piercing with Hello Kitty?! Even if I was a HUGE fan of HK, I could never imagine having a HK piercing, lol. Anyway it's super cute. But since my nave piercing is VERY shallow (<6mm) the bar I got it with, was way too big (16mm), so I used one I already have. But now I know I'll have to buy a short stick just for the HK balls. Anyway, way too cute!

Testing a 10mm bar..  damn! Too long.

 Trying it with a 6mm piercing / hide piercing.

I also got the prettiest earrings ever! If I'm not mistaken I was checking these out a couple of times, when I went to Muller.

+ two lovely bracelets.

 A gorgeous scarf!

And the new Christina Aguilera's perfume set.
Of course there was also chocolate (I love Raffaello!). Was because the next day I devoured it all!

Some healthy candy :D!! 

A scrub glove (it's perfect for body brushing!)

And a pen. It says T for talented and tolerating person.

So.. thank you girls! <3
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