Back to short nails :(

So I had long nails. The longest I've ever had! And what happened?!
Well you see, I'm a very clumsy person. I randomly bump into objects and this is how I managed to crack two of my nails. Thrice.

First one broke diagonally from the end of my nail to the part where the nail bed ends...  I couldn't shorten them because if I did, they would be super short. 
That's why I decided to leave them be and apply another coat of nail polish.

The second nail broke when I was checking what to wear in my wardrobe. I hit a hanger. Hard. 
I decided that it's not the case to shorten them again, even if this one also broke diagonally!

And the third time happened during the weekend when I was working. I have no idea how, but one of the nails that were already broken, broke again! Terrible!

This time I couldn't wait any longer (alright I waited for 2 more days, covering them with another layer of nail polish lol), so I cut them off.

I went from this (excuse the crappy photo!) - wearing China Glaze Strawberry Fields

to this.

I was so sad when my nails were cut short..  but there was no other option.. :(

The cut off ends (disgusting, I know!)

And my nails right after!

And now..  (wearing Essence Pixie Dust)

I have to get used to them again. Now it takes me a while to write a damn SMS (text message) which is driving me crazy! 
I can feel the part that my nails were covering before, it's very tender. Terrible. I want my long nails back :(!

I won't forget what a customer asked me last week "How can you do ANYTHING with those nails?!"..  Uhm, excuse me? 
Tho I also got a lot of compliments on them (from a 5 year old girl, and two girls that were my age) which is unusual. I seldom get compliments on my nails (except from people that love manicures!).

Oh well...  it will take a could of weeks to get back to that length, but that's how life is ;P. When there's something broken in your life.. you just cut it off and you don't try to hide it or ignore it.


  1. aw so sorry about ur nails! Ive been growing mine out and it does suck when one breaks and i have to start all over again! ^.^

  2. I had to chop mind off too! They will grow back before you know it. I had to learn how to polish my shorties :)

  3. Ouch, sorry to hear about your nails breaking. I can't have mine too long sadly but even so when one breaks its like the end of the world.

  4. Ohh too bad! I have also been having breakages recently and am about to go shorty myself. Enjoy your shorties anyway! Looking forward to seeing them grow again though!

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  6. sicer si imela res ful lepe in res hudo dolge, ampak meni so tudi kratki ful všeč! =)
    china glaze je pa ful lepa! si mi lušte naredila :D

  7. I understand you about writing sms hihi :P

    Hope they grow fast! Kisses

  8. I just broke two of my super-long nails too, and had to cut them all back to the root. It sucks :(

    When people ask me how I do things with long nails, I wonder how they do things with short nails! With long nails I can tear open packages, type faster, get toast out of the toaster without burning myself...With short nails I can't even scratch a bug bite!


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