Back to short nails :(

So I had long nails. The longest I've ever had! And what happened?!
Well you see, I'm a very clumsy person. I randomly bump into objects and this is how I managed to crack two of my nails. Thrice.

First one broke diagonally from the end of my nail to the part where the nail bed ends...  I couldn't shorten them because if I did, they would be super short. 
That's why I decided to leave them be and apply another coat of nail polish.

The second nail broke when I was checking what to wear in my wardrobe. I hit a hanger. Hard. 
I decided that it's not the case to shorten them again, even if this one also broke diagonally!

And the third time happened during the weekend when I was working. I have no idea how, but one of the nails that were already broken, broke again! Terrible!

This time I couldn't wait any longer (alright I waited for 2 more days, covering them with another layer of nail polish lol), so I cut them off.

I went from this (excuse the crappy photo!) - wearing China Glaze Strawberry Fields

to this.

I was so sad when my nails were cut short..  but there was no other option.. :(

The cut off ends (disgusting, I know!)

And my nails right after!

And now..  (wearing Essence Pixie Dust)

I have to get used to them again. Now it takes me a while to write a damn SMS (text message) which is driving me crazy! 
I can feel the part that my nails were covering before, it's very tender. Terrible. I want my long nails back :(!

I won't forget what a customer asked me last week "How can you do ANYTHING with those nails?!"..  Uhm, excuse me? 
Tho I also got a lot of compliments on them (from a 5 year old girl, and two girls that were my age) which is unusual. I seldom get compliments on my nails (except from people that love manicures!).

Oh well...  it will take a could of weeks to get back to that length, but that's how life is ;P. When there's something broken in your life.. you just cut it off and you don't try to hide it or ignore it.

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