Another pair of high heels!

What to say...  I love high heels. There's nothing else to say. I LOVE them!
I got another pair, this time from a wonderful lady we meet because of a photo shoot.

She's divine and when we got to her house (to chose some clothes/shoes) I fell in love with those shoes.
I dreamed about them and sadly the store she got them from closed down :<

So the day of the photo shoot she gave them to me. That's so kind from her <3!! I was shocked, I mean.. why would anyone give me shoes?! Pretty shoes?! Their shoes?! But YAY. I love them.
I can't walk in them.. (yet), but I'll learn. Hopefully fast enough.

The heels are 14cm high with 2cm of platform. So 12 cm of heels. When I'm only used to 10cm heels... and even to those not fully. xD

I also realized I can't really take good pictures of my own legs/shoes. Tho I'm slowly learning, right?

On the day of the photo shoot (worn by her)

I <3 them! I want a full wardrobe of shoes xD!

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