Party Animals!

Hi dolls,

Last week we went on 1st birthday party, and at the same time it was the birthday of Lorena ^^.
I first got there with my dear, but since he was photographing the party I decided to join the girls.

For the first couple of hours the blogger part of the group took lots of camwhoring pictures. LOL!
We were in the VIP part, which means free drinks and food all night long.

Later when the music got less depressing (sorry guys), we danced like the world is going to end tomorrow! :D

Anyway.. off to the pictures.

Twins..  See, we're not even similar! xD

Bloggers part xD We had this.. uhm pose 'to the right and smiiileee'. Too funny! 
(me, Helena from XOXO Parisky, Sanja from Shoes.Clothes.Make-up)

 Showing off... :P

Group photo! From the upper row, left to right: Tina, Katja, me, Helena, Sanja, Lorena.

Tina, Katja, Lorena

Weirdos xD

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