My Secret Santa Knows Me Well!

Hi dolls,

Today I got a parcel from my secret Santa. I'll know at the end of the month who she is ^^. And well, I must say that when I opened it I was totally out of control. Seriously, I think I squealed like a pig. *squeee*

It's been a while (well since cold weather showed up) that I wanted ear muffs! And she sent me the following items:

  • *Cute/Funny Ear Muffs shaped as purple penguins xD. They rock! 
  • *Essence Hand Cream (my favorite and I just ran out of my last one!!)
  • *Chocolate Covered Gingerbread <3
  • *Essence Pixie Dust Nail polish (Fairytale LE) which is actually the only one I wanted :o!!
  • *Dog cookies for Pablo
  • *A custom greeting card and a little 'eat me' fellow chocolate ^^
  • *Glass star ornament 

I love the present, and it's totally spot on. Love love love <3!  

And of course I had to pose a bit with my new ear muffs, lol. Yes in PJs!  Because I can ;P

Thank you secret Santa <3!


  1. those ear muffs are adorable! i want one because my ears always gets cold

  2. Awww those earmuffs are super duper cute!! I'm sure it's warm and fuzzy too. ~__~

  3. awwww it looks very contrast with ur red hair!
    i didnt know there were secret santa event! i never knew!i missed last year event too!

  4. Great earmuffs. I want a Secret Santa!

  5. Gah--- those earmuffs! <33 They are so bright and crazy, but with your hair colour, they manage to look very cute. Still fashionable, somehow. :33

    And I'm sure Pablo will be very thankful of his 'gift' as well. Haha


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