EOTD: Blue Day

Today it was the shittiest day ever. I didn't know that when I applied the blue eyeshadow (I used again the Bad Girl palette, but later realized the MU was way too strong for school so I added some pink over it), but later it went well with the day theme.

I used:
*Sleek MakeUp Bad Girl Palette (Abyss)
*CS 88 Palette (some lighter blue)
*Mallorca Majorca Palette (I used the light pink from it all over the lid)

I'm sorry if the MU looks sloppy, I took the pictures after a nap.

Hope you had a wonderful day ^^.


  1. dans je res en posran dan ja. :/
    lep mu! :)

  2. Lovely make-up! Wish i was able to do that!




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