Christmast Manicure - Subtle but sparkly

Hi dolls,

Today I have for you a very minimalistic (but sparkly!) manicure. It was really easy to do.
I actually had no real idea of what I'd like to do, but I wanted it to be enough subtle to be wearable around school/work.

I used:
*Essence Pixie Dust (Fairytale LE) - 1 coat all over the nails
*Jessica Fancy Pants (Paint the Town LE) - 1 coat over nail tips
* Viva La Nails Glitter (?), put down one by one

Let me introduce you, to the Xmas manicure! 

Sadly all the glitter didn't stay on :(. I lost a lot of it during the day..  Oh well. It's still super pretty!
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