NOTD: Essence magnetic nail polish - Copper Rulez!


Today I have for you a gorgeous warm brown with orange shimmer in it. It's magnetic, so it creates interesting patterns when used a magnet.
Sadly the magnet you can buy from essence sucks and it really takes a lot of practice to get ANY pattern at all!
That's the reason why I used another magnet (found at home), which created interesting line patterns in matter of seconds (5!).

The pattern is really hard to photograph. Even if in real life it is really visible, under light it just.. vanishes. .o

Artificial light

Natural, cloudy light

I really like these effects, because with moving the magnet you can get other shapes. Fantastic! One reason why I won't ever get bored of such nail polishes. 
This effect reminds me of the stone called Tiger's Eye. Gorgeous.

Plus these nail polishes are really dirt cheap, compared to other magnetic nail polishes out there (2,20€).
Next time, I'll show you another magnetic nail polish. I also really like that you need only 1 coat of nail polish for full opacity, plus it dries really quickly.

Do you have any magnetic nail polish? How do you like them?


  1. super je, copper rulez je pa itak najlepši od vseh vsaj IMO =)
    Upam da bo tudi meni kdaj uspelo narediti takšne kul vzorce(ampak seveda morem najprej priti do teh lakcev)

  2. Ah I absolutely love it! I just bought it and I have it on now. It took me a while to understand that you have to do the magnet thing when you just applied it and not when it's dry. Hehe.
    Yay, me likes!

  3. Colorfulbottle: Ja tale je tudi meni najlepsi.. :) Tak unikaten. Srecno pri iskanju teh lakcev, ampak imas se kar nekaj casa tako da kar na lov ;)!

    Sam: Yes, the polish has to be wet for it to work.. :(

  4. Where can you get these??

  5. A: If your country has Essence stuff, then they should be in stores now.

  6. Hejhej :) jst sm tud včeri kupla lakec in magnet mi je sam na enem nohtu uspel nrdit vzorec, pa še ta je bol neopazen :// sm bla kr razoč uporabla tvoj način z drugim magnetom :) mogoče more bit magnet bol močn, kr je ta njihou res čist za nič...

    Lep pozdravček :)


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