EOTD: Wild Wild West


Well first of all, don't ask my why such title. I have no idea...  I was thinking about an appropriate tittle, but then...  this song kind of got stuck in my head. Terrible! :P

Anyway, I used two eye shadows that the lovely *Fleur* sent me last week. They are both from Barry M (Orange and Cherry Red) and one from Lime Crime (Cricus Girl).

Now.. it's pictures spam time!

I used:
  • UDPP
  • Barry M Orange Dazzle Dust
  • Barry M Lime Crime Circus Girl
  • NYX jumbo glitter eye pencil

On the last picture I seem kind of high! I was trying to capture the colors well enough, which doesn't happen if I have my eyes completely open! 

Anyway... today was my 1st day at the new school. And my biggest pet peeve? Unwashed hair! Ewww! 
I went to sleep with gorgeous curl, completely soft and fine. And woke up with icky hair. What the heck happened during the night?! 
And the worst part? I was running late...  :(

How did your week end?
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