EOTD: Wild Wild West


Well first of all, don't ask my why such title. I have no idea...  I was thinking about an appropriate tittle, but then...  this song kind of got stuck in my head. Terrible! :P

Anyway, I used two eye shadows that the lovely *Fleur* sent me last week. They are both from Barry M (Orange and Cherry Red) and one from Lime Crime (Cricus Girl).

Now.. it's pictures spam time!

I used:
  • UDPP
  • Barry M Orange Dazzle Dust
  • Barry M Lime Crime Circus Girl
  • NYX jumbo glitter eye pencil

On the last picture I seem kind of high! I was trying to capture the colors well enough, which doesn't happen if I have my eyes completely open! 

Anyway... today was my 1st day at the new school. And my biggest pet peeve? Unwashed hair! Ewww! 
I went to sleep with gorgeous curl, completely soft and fine. And woke up with icky hair. What the heck happened during the night?! 
And the worst part? I was running late...  :(

How did your week end?


  1. Great look! I like the colour combination!


  2. <3 My kind of make-up look :)
    Lime Crime je to rumeno v kotičkih?

  3. Becky: Thank you!

    Gone2RehabBRB: Jap, LC je rumen v kotickih. Dobis boljse in cejense minerale :)). Samo tega trenutno se imam in je treba porabit nekako...

  4. Imamo takšnih rumenih na zalogi, res je.
    Mene bolj zanima, kako si dosegla, da je Dazzle Dust Orange tako koralne brave? Ker na mojo koži je živo oranžen, takšen kot je v kozarčku.

  5. Gone2RehabBRB: Bo bolj to, da sem blendala od rdece do oranzne (v tej smeri) in je potem nekoliko rdece naneslo cez oranzno. Sicer je res oranzna ja.

  6. This is beautiful, I love the glitter!


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