FOTD/EOTD: Bronzed Sleepy Eyes

Hello everyone!

Today I had to wake up early, so my make up consisted of only 1 eyeshadow and an eye pencil. 
The eye pencil didn't last much, but the eyeshadow did!

I used Alima Pure 18k if I'm not mistaken.
It reminds me of Fryrinnae Fire opal, but I have yet to compare that.

Sunshine in my eyes.. :D

Shadow (shittier pictures)

And both eyes! :)

Kind of hypnotic... 

Before I did my hair...  xD It's terrible, I know! I usually walk around the house with this weird looking bun.

I used:
  • Etude House Proof Q10
  • Alima Pure 18K eyeshadow
  • Alverde blue eye pencil (it's huge!)
  • Manhattan brown mascara (for Flirty Eyes)
  • Anastacia Beverly Hills brows mini set (double)

Well I hope you had a great day! 
Tomorrow my 1st day at school starts D:!

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