I pressed my first palette!

Hello lovelies!

Some time ago, I ordered the Ez Prez and a palette from Coastalscents...  and well my pressing experience wasn't that great (I was using a too big coin, so it got stuck!). But after some tips on how to get the excess liquid out, I managed to get a perfect palette!

So this is before, you can see it's not pressed.

And after.

1st row: LimeCrime Mirror Mirror, Fyrinnae Fire Opal, Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Fyrinnae Mephisto.
2nd row: LimeCrime Medusa, GOSH Sea Me, Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, Fyrinnae Freya.
3rd row: Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill, LimeCrime Princess Caraboo, LimeCrime Twilight, Fyrinnae Dokkalfar.

Much, much better no?
The only sad thing is that I think I ruined two eyeshadows...  Mephisto (top row, last one from left to right; and Freya - 2nd row last one). I baked them (in the oven) and I think I overbaked them. So now I get dry parts in them...  I think I could crush them and press them again... 

The pressing was very messy (don't ask how does my bf's bed look like now :D).

Did you ever try to press any mineral eyeshadow?

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