I pressed my first palette!

Hello lovelies!

Some time ago, I ordered the Ez Prez and a palette from Coastalscents...  and well my pressing experience wasn't that great (I was using a too big coin, so it got stuck!). But after some tips on how to get the excess liquid out, I managed to get a perfect palette!

So this is before, you can see it's not pressed.

And after.

1st row: LimeCrime Mirror Mirror, Fyrinnae Fire Opal, Fyrinnae Polar Bear, Fyrinnae Mephisto.
2nd row: LimeCrime Medusa, GOSH Sea Me, Fyrinnae Aztec Gold, Fyrinnae Freya.
3rd row: Fyrinnae Dressed to Kill, LimeCrime Princess Caraboo, LimeCrime Twilight, Fyrinnae Dokkalfar.

Much, much better no?
The only sad thing is that I think I ruined two eyeshadows...  Mephisto (top row, last one from left to right; and Freya - 2nd row last one). I baked them (in the oven) and I think I overbaked them. So now I get dry parts in them...  I think I could crush them and press them again... 

The pressing was very messy (don't ask how does my bf's bed look like now :D).

Did you ever try to press any mineral eyeshadow?


  1. Ta drugi poskus zgleda ful boljše :)

  2. Se strinjam s Parisky. Drugi poskus je že veliko boljši!
    Jaz še nisem stiskala. Enostavno se bojim, da uničim svoja prelepa senčila. In pravzaprav ne čutim nobene potrebe. Rada imam prahce in to je to. ;)


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