FOTD, NOTD: Dark and light

Hello everyone!

Today I went just to grab something sweet to the closest store, so my make up is quite messy.. :D

First the nail polish (taken with my cellphone, so the picture kind of sucks), it's Kiko 283. Two coats. It's just perfect.

It's very sunny, so it kind of suits me in this shitty weather (from 30 degrees it went down to 15). 

And the FOTD,  I look like death alive. It must be the black. It never suited me. 

And the makeup (simple, simple);

I used: Fyrinnae Polar bear, LimeCrime Twilight, and Fyrinnae Dark elf. I used the mascara from my last review.

Have a nice day!


  1. Super pinky lakec! Takih je v moji zbirki ogromno :D Fyrinnae - polar bear je tale z zlatim odsevom? *inlove*

  2. I love the name of that eyeshadow! "Polar Bear," I just love that. Your polish is gorgeous too!

  3. hud lakec :)

    pa fuuuul mi je všeč barva las...ti paše <3 rjavolaske so mi itak tanajlepšejše hihihi :P

  4. Sem na hitro preletela objavo in sem že mislila, da je ta mala od Gilmore girls gor. :D haha


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