NOTD: Kiko 267 Azzurro


As you may remember, yesterday I went shopping (today I went too, but I only got 2 shirts and a ring, but more about it tomorrow) and I got three Kiko nail polishes..

One of them is 267 (as they go by numbers) also called Azzurro (as written on their site, which means simply blue).
It's a pretty blue polish with small shimmer (I saw golden, light blue and light purple) frost finish. The finish itself lets different light sparkle in it..

Official photo:

And my pictures!

Natural light



I must say, that the polishes are amazing! They apply like a dream (most of them are 1 coaters!), dry quickly and come in so many different shades!
Oh right, they are also easy to remove!
And the best thing?! The price; at 1,90€ they win.

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