EOTD: Eccentric work MU


I wore this MU the day I was wearing pink jeans... the look was super fun, but yet very strong, so I added some Fyrinnae Polar Bear to tone it down.

I used  CS 88 Mat palette and Elf Waterproof eyeliner and MaxFactor 2000kcal mascara..


  1. wauuu....ful dobr zgleda :) lepo ti paše na barvo oči!

  2. Wow.. the pink contrasts so well with your eyes colour. Nice!

  3. haha, kr še enkrat ss hotla komentirat pa sm vidla da sm že...ma res mi je všeč :)

  4. Sparkle: joj hvala! :D Zlata si! Ali platinasta, kar ti je ljubse ;D


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