New Phone! HTC Wildfire

Hello lovelies!
As you may know (I have tweeted and so on about it) I got a new phone. I decided that it's time to change my good old Nokia E71 and get a new phone. This time it's touch screen, but I do not miss the querty keyboard, because.. well this one it has one too! :P

It comes in a nice box, which we all are used to. All HTC phones come in similar boxes. It has added an recharger, USB cable and headphones. Simple and useful.

For me it's big enough, because it's a tiny bit smaller than E71, so it's actually perfect for me :)!

I had to put on some stickers, ...
(that small thing is the monitor cleaner)

Isn't it pretty? xD

Soo... the reason why I like it so much?! MESSAGES..

Turned normally...

On the side.. it becomes full querty <3!

And you can customise the wallpaper, screen wallpaper...  and so on :) I only miss inbuilt themes :P

So far I'm pretty happy with it..  and I know my other phone is in good hands (I lent it to my sister). :D

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