EOTD: Summer Heat

Since outside it's so hot, I barely wear any eye make up. At most I use a mascara, or some brown shadows..
Because even the beloved UDPP + mineral eyeshadows can't survive this heat for more than 6h.

I did this MU a couple of days ago, with Barry M pigments.

Hopefully the heat will go away ;_; Because it's really terrible.. so hot and humid, bleeeeh!!
And I really don't like hot summer days.
Well enjoy your day, even if there's hotter than here! 


  1. Lepo! Tvojih lepih oči pa se ne morem nagledati. <3

  2. Thank you girls / Hvala punce *!!

  3. Gone2RehabBRB: Ceprav sem lena, sem sla pogledat kateri odtenek je to...
    Je v bistvu odtenek st.39 - TAN. Lusten, viden tudi pri drugih znamkah.


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