NOTD: Catrice Poison me, Poison you!

I have been wearing this nail polish for the last three days. The Nfu Oh didn't last even a day, so I applied this one instead.

It's a nice plum color that reflects in deep cold purple and in warm purple. It's weird but yet beautiful. And it also is very hard to photograph.

Bottle versus color!

In the sun


Natural light

As I said it's very hard to photograph. I really am envious of those girls who get the color perfectly! .) I must say that the formula is very good, it is very opaque too. I used two coats, but one could do too. It dries quickly and it didn't chip in three days! Even the white tip is almost visible, which is a huge plus!

Plus, today I got lots of compliments about it, yaaay!


  1. tale se mi je res dopadel, ko sem ga gledala tako v flaški:) res je krasna barva in ti paše!

  2. barva je res krasna in res se ti lepo poda! =)

  3. Ojoj, glej kaj zamujam! Komaj čakam, da pridejo tile laki v Slovenijo, takoj vse pokupim! Resnično lep odtenek! <3

  4. Thanks for the swatch of this. It is gorgeous. I have a bottle of this lacquer coming in a swap. Now I'm even more excited. :)

  5. KONADomania: Hvala! Ja je ful zanimiva barva, samo lyra ga je pa popolno poslikala!

    Mancina se stima: Hvalaa!

    Tiana: Ja, tudi jaz komaj cakam da pridejo v Slo! Sem ga dobila preko prijazne arsovke (konadomania).

    Laquer Ware for Tips and Topes: WOW! that's great news for you! It's gorgeous, and I can't wait to see your swatch!

    Thriszha: Thank you!

    Tassa: Hvala res je! :).

  6. Eden najlepših lakov. ♥


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