Because I love thee pink!

Alright this post was inspired by my pimped up manicure. 
It's actually just Essie Splash of Grenadine with some flower stickers. I also did a similar pedicure (if you don't like watching feet photos, please skip this post!) and  make up!

So it's all in one! :D

First the manicure..

Other hand..

I usually don't do pedicures (at least colored), because my dear is 'allergic' to polished toe nails. Bleh? But sure he was the same about colored nails, but then he HAD to change his mind.
Excuse the super short nails...

And now lets move to the make up...  It's nothing special, just a similar pink to the nail polish and some shimmery white to finish it up. And of course the so famous sticker!

I have used:
*CS 88 Matte palette
*CS 88 Shimmer palette
*Essence Crazy about color Think Pink pencil (lower lash line, and winged out)
*Essence Black Mania mascara

I hope no one fainted because of the feet pictures, but I actually had lots of fun! :) Next time I'll color my toes in Turquoise! :P Not sure if I'm going to show you that tho..

Enjoy your day,


  1. love the purple nails and eyes!!

    Tell your dear the best way to cure an allergy is desensitization. It's a process that involves graded exposure to the allergen. =P

  2. Hahaha, ravno se pobiram iz nezavesti. LOL Joke. ;) Pink je res tvoja barva! Čeprav po fotkah sodeč se mi zdi, da te ta MU naredi malo zjokano... huh... ampak saj veš, kako so včasih smotane fotke... V živo je bilo verjetno čisto drugače. ;)

  3. O Maestra ti hudoba :))! Ja mozno ves, tale barvica naredi tak effekt, tako da ko sem jo dol dala je bilo pa ql.. boh? Pa tudi fotke niso ne vem kaj :))! Roza pa je moja barva ja... :))

    Jian: Hahahaa I'll tell him that! Oh and he actually liked my nails, wtf?! I mean pedicure, lol..

  4. You actually did a really good job on the pedi too! I'm awful at them since I'm son inflexible that I can't even reach my toes properly. =P

  5. Jian: The pedi was harder than doing my mani.. I'm so inexperienced with it.. lol I felt as if I did it for the very first time :)). And I can't see so well as I do on the hands.. bleh :I

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