EOTD: An interesting mix of purple

This way actually my yesterday make up. I wore it for 12+ hours and it was more or less intact. :)!

I used:
+Barry M Shimmering Eye and  lip crayon
+Fyirannae Mephisto in the crease
+Fyirannae Sennyo all over the lid
+Fyirannae Valhalla in the inner corner of the eye
+Essence eyeliner

In real life it was bolder and more magical.. :) I took these pictures in a hurry... x.x!
I actually liked the effect, and I didn't mind wearing it to work (because when you have your eyes normally opened no one can say you're wearing crazy colors!).


  1. Wow, great! I always stay away from purples, because I feel like I look like somebody beat me up:)

    Which mascara did you use?

  2. Fleur: Hvala * Mascara je pa tako.. glede na to, da imam zadnje case defektne trepalnice, sem uporabila od Essence Black Mania ali kaj je maskara.. ampak ker mi ni dodala volumna sem dodala se malo Estee Lauder Double Wear maskare..

  3. Lep MU! <3

    Tudi pri MU-jih padam na vijolično. ;)

  4. Wow Tamara! Your eyes look great! Purple is my favorite color, but I'm always scared about wearing it as an eyeshadow color.

  5. Fantastic job.
    Uau - 12 hours+.

  6. this is a pretty shade of purple. I love wearing purple, even my dad says I wear too much purple ha


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