Essence Crazy about Color multicolor blush (TE)

Yesterday I got myself this wonderful blush. I wanted it since I saw the promotion pictures!  :)
It's very subtle so it's perfect for every day (I like that slight dewy look, because it looks SO natural!)

I found it in the local DM (Drogerie Market). The price was a little less than 4€. I have a similar bronze from Essence (last year TE) which smells like pineapple. This one smells like some kind of perfume, I don't know..

I really like it! The pigmentation is so-so, but it's perfect for me because I tend to put on too much blush... 

The packaging is pretty, very thick and resistant. 


I can't wait to use it ;)!

It's perfect for pale girls, but I don't think it would show up on tanned skin....   (except the lightest one which could be used as a highlighter).

Would you buy it, if you saw it in the store?


  1. Jaz imam tudi tega. :)

  2. Ko sem ga videla v DM-ju sem mislila, da ga ne rabim. No, sedaj mi je preklemano žal, da ga nisem vzela. *angry*

    Super post! :)

  3. Nusa Ann: Superca! :D

    Tassa: Ce ga kje dobis, ga le vzemi ker je res lep!

  4. Pa joj no! Danes sem ga gledala v DM-ju in ga nisem vzela. Se mi je zdel en sam šimer. Ah, ga bom šla jutri iskat.

  5. Helena sej jaz sem bila ista.. sem ugotavljala ali bi ali nebi.. in potem me je se pri blagajni pekla vest varianta sej ne rabim... in doma sem bila ful vesela da sem ga vzela..
    LEP JE!

  6. Jaz vedno dobim mozolje, če uporabim njihove blushe in bronzerje. :(

  7. Gejba: Oh moj bog, kaj res? :o Imas ful obcutljivo kozo ali je samo dolocena sestavina? :o


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