Essence Crazy about Color multicolor blush (TE)

Yesterday I got myself this wonderful blush. I wanted it since I saw the promotion pictures!  :)
It's very subtle so it's perfect for every day (I like that slight dewy look, because it looks SO natural!)

I found it in the local DM (Drogerie Market). The price was a little less than 4€. I have a similar bronze from Essence (last year TE) which smells like pineapple. This one smells like some kind of perfume, I don't know..

I really like it! The pigmentation is so-so, but it's perfect for me because I tend to put on too much blush... 

The packaging is pretty, very thick and resistant. 


I can't wait to use it ;)!

It's perfect for pale girls, but I don't think it would show up on tanned skin....   (except the lightest one which could be used as a highlighter).

Would you buy it, if you saw it in the store?
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